Step into the timelessness of HERITOR watches. Created to be your timepiece to pass down for generations.

Legacy is in the craft

Generation to generation, lessons are learned and victories are won. Stories are told and legends take shape. Likeness and wisdom are passed on. Crafting a legacy takes more than a lifetime, so choose a timepiece worthy to be a part of yours.

Time-tested movement

In every Heritor, there ticks a precision-crafted jeweled automatic movement. An automatic movement uses the energy in a spiral spring – called a mainspring. This mainspring is self-wound by the natural movement of the wrist, leading to a fully functional timepiece. Automatic movements date back as early as 1773 to the era of pocket watches. To this very day, automatic movements are prized for their reliability, residing in the most sought after watches of the past two centuries. Their timeless quality has earned them a place in every Heritor’s surgical-grade quality stainless-steel case.